O Castigo (La punition)

O Castigo (La punition) « C'est qu'en vérité le chemin importe peu, la volonté d'arriver suffit à tout. » Albert Camus, Le Mythe de Sisyphe.


When the first man realized that, with the help of other men, he could do more things and better, nothing would never be the same as it was before. Cities were born, and the path of water determined the path of men.In today’s major metropolises where everything is vertical and everything rises far above the ground, outcasts and misfits are created, who, like the first man, are on the look for the path of elemental things. They are the young and the elderly, the homeless, the unemployed, the employed, the poor, the well-to-do and the not well-to-do, who occupy what the cities have left behind, who fight for their space, and who struggle to bring water to whatever spot they have called home.Here in the centre of Sao Paulo, a man carries water on his shoulder on daily basis through the stairs of an abandoned building.